Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

We cannot quote until you tell us exactly what you are wanting. Times, Date, Distance etc. Once we have this information, we will be able to give you a quote for the evening.

How far do you travel?

Steve will travel up to 100 miles from base in one direction. He is prepared to also go further. However, please be aware that the further the distance that Steve has to travel it will cost more, as he has to take into account the time getting there and extra fuel costs.

What happens if the equipment breaks down?

With regular PAT testing and servicing done on the equipment, it is highly unlikely that this would happen. In the event that this was to happen spare parts and equipment is carried at all times.

What happens if you are ill?

In normal cases of illness, Steve will turn up as the show must always go on. In the most extreme cases of illness, Steve will have to cancel. However he will make sure you have a suitable replacement at no extra cost to yourself.

Do you play requests?

Steve will play request but only if he has them. If you are looking for a certain song for your wedding/party/event, please let Steve know at the time of booking so he can learn it if possible. (This option depends on the song and artist).

Will you work outside?

Steve will work outside providing that a suitable power supply is made available and that a suitable cover or marquee has been erected for the case of bad weather. However, Steve does prefer not to work outside on winter evening for obvious reasons. Again please ask.

Do you do Karaoke?

Yes, Steve can supply Karaoke. Please mention this at the time of booking your event.

How long does it take you to set up?

Arrival times will be discussed at the time of booking. If you would like Steve to set up prior to guests arriving, please make sure you mention this at the time of booking. It is preferred that he leaves plenty of time to set up as Health & Safety is important.

Can you supply a disco for our event as well?

Yes, a disco can be supplied at your request. Steve uses some of the top disco’s in the area to make sure that your evening goes with a bang. Please mention this when booking?

If you have any other questions that are not on this list, please feel free to send them through to us via e-mail